Frequently Asked Questions

Go for it! Podcasting is an awesome venture – but by partnering with a firm like OnBrand, you don’t have to worry about…

  • Equipment: $2,500+
  • Software: $500+
  • Licensing and Subscriptions: $200+
  • Technical Expertise and Training: 200+ Hours
  • Hanging Out with Alex and OnBrand Hosts: Priceless
You bring your knowledge, we bring that stuff ^^^

Great question!

The cop-out answer is that it depends on frequency, video needs, transcript needs, etc. Most podcasts are released weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; so you would receive an monthly for any of the released podcasts in that timeframe. 

Likewise, non-profits and minority/veteran owned organizations are eligible for discounts and additional funding.

Before we meet for the recording session, we’ll outline five or six ideas for topics. Those will loosely translate to five or six different episodes. We use the “line” analogy when discussing content. You want to create content that is interesting and engaging, without being to divisive to alienate your audience. Don’t worry, we keep it very conversational and you’ll be surprised about how easy it is! 

If you are nervous about talking during the podcast – we can always do a membership podcast where you and the host interview other people inside your organization (key employees, members, community partners, etc.) 

Nope! Unless you want to sell commercial space to sponsors, members, or other companies; we do not monetize the podcast outside our included recording and editing services. 

Heck yeah you can! Those are often the most engaging Podcasts. Realistically it’s two birds with one stone, as you are also highlighting your interviewee AND your subject expertise! 

Depending on how many epsiodes we’re shooting to record at one time – it’s usually somewhere between 2-3 hours. Yet those 2-3 hours will land you months of podcast, social media, and newsletter content! Plus – we make it fun. 

Yes – unfortunately.