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Alex Winnenberg has always been an audio engineer, ever since he was tinkering in his parent’s basement. He went to school at Kent State University, where he pursued a degree in computer science, as it was impossible to major in being a rock star. After graduating, he joined a tech support company and decided to launch his own (BergTech Solutions) in 2018. He found a niche in website content creation and created his first podcast. 

He partnered with Nick when he realized that this thing could be scalable. When he discovered a demand for companies and organizations making their podcasts, they launched their first podcast, Making Trades Sexy, to help their family staffing firm attract more associates and clients. Then they scaled up to start servicing different membership organizations in the community. Now they are taking clients from every industry type, from business coaching to mental health organizations, to country clubs. 

The BergTech Podcast initiative was so successful that they launched a separate company to service their podcast clients under a different brand name and have been phasing out of BergTech Solutions. 

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